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Policies and rules, including online attendance and rescheduling policies, of the Soapmaking Studio in San Diego County, CA.


Registration Policies

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Bilingual Policy

Although most of the instructors and staff speak Spanish, no classes are taught exclusively in Spanish. Instructors are frequently able to offer one or two sentences of supplemental instruction in Spanish for clarification but instructors do not teach whole classes in Spanish. Classes are taught in English.

Printable PDF of English–Spanish soapmaking terms: English–Spanish Soapmaking Terms

Política Bilingüe

Aunque la mayoría de los instructores y el personal habla español, no las clases se imparten exclusivamente en español. Los instructores son a menudo capaces de ofrecer una o dos frases de suplemento de instrucción en español para aclaración, pero los instructores no enseñan clases enteras en español. Las clases se enseñan en inglés.

PDF para imprimir de términos de la fabricación de jabón en español–inglés: Español–Inglés Términos de la Fabricación de Jabón

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Cancellation Policies

Five (5) or More Days Advance Notice of Cancellation

Four (4) or Fewer Days Advance Notice of Cancellation

No Notice of Cancellation

Rescheduling Policies

To reschedule a class, you must telephone the Soapmaking Studio: (619) 668-1435.

Student Made Contact to Cancel Prior to Class Date

Student Registered for a Class to Attend in Person but neither Canceled nor Attended

Student Registered for a Class to Attend Online but neither Canceled nor Attended

Attendance Policies

Online Attendance

Online Registration

Most (but not all) classes are available online. Online availability is subject to the instructor's discretion. To register for an online class, visit the Classes page and click the hyperlink name and class number (e.g. Soapmaking 105) to go to the registration page for the class. When on the class registration page, choose the "Add to Cart" button from the honeydew green attend online row. Contact the Soapmaking Studio to verify the online availability of a class if the class registration page does not have a honeydew green attend online row.

Online classes (except Soapmaking 101) require an additional online fee to cover the cost of mailing materials and camera operation. If registration is completed six (6) days or more before the class, the online fee is $25 and includes USPS First Class Mail. If registration is completed five (5) days or fewer before the class, the online fee is $38 and includes USPS Priority Mail Express expedited service for mailing the class workbook. For more information about the supplemental online fee and material mailings, review the PDF of Online Policies.

Change to Online Attendance

Pay online fees below, only after originally registering to attend in person or missing class without canceling.
Days until Class, Shipping Service

Add Online Registration

Online Class Attendance

Instructors access a microphone to communicate and answer questions from online students. Online classes include the audio and video feeds of the live class via Google Meet. Online classes begin 15 minutes before the start of the live class to ensure online students are connected and have sufficient audio and video capabilities. All times are listed in Pacific Time (PT). The week of the class, an invitation to view the class online is sent to students through an email hyperlink. Registered online students may alternatively connect to their class by accessing the Soapmaking Studio Google Calendar, locating the class by date, opening the "more details" page for the class, and clicking the link after "Joining info."

Online Materials

Online classes (except Online Soapmaking 101) include the mailing of a hardcopy workbook and/or access to an online workbook during the time of the class via an email hyperlink to Google Drive copyrighted documents. Online Soapmaking 101 does not incur an additional online fee. The registration fee for Online Soapmaking 101 includes access to the online workbook; it does not include hardcopy materials. A hardcopy of the Soapmaking 101: Beginning Cold Process Soapmaking class workbook is available for purchase from Amazon Soapmaking 101: Beginning Cold Process Soapmaking (Workbook) or from our Books in stock.

In addition to camera operation, the online registration fee includes two (2) mailings*. The first mailing (pre-class) contains the hardcopy workbook and any supplemental handouts. The second mailing (post-class) includes the product(s) made during the class and a certificate of completion. *To minimize fees, online international students outside the United States will have temporary online access to view digital materials during the class and will receive only one (1) mailing (of the hardcopy workbook, supplemental handouts, products made during class, and a certificate of completion) after attending the online class.

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Classes are held at a private home occupied by a pet cat. If you are allergic to cats, please contact prior to enrolling in a class.