Soapmaking Studio

Molly, the mascot of the Soapmaking Studio in San Diego County, CA.

Soapmaking Studio Mascot

Molly the Mascot, 2018–present

Pearl's unexpected, sudden kidney failure (at just nine years old) left an emptiness in my heart. After two and a half months of the Soapmaking Studio being mascotless as we mourned sweet Princess Pearl, we eventually went to the local Animal Shelter to determine if we were meant to have another kitten. The shelter staff were quite busy and kept us waiting for several minutes. Imagine our delight when we learned three ferrel kitten sisters were brought to the shelter the day before our visit. How could we decide which of the kittens was the right one? We picked out the one whose colors most resembled Pearl.

Baby Molly

Because Pearl was colored white and gray (like a real precious pearl), I knew I had to come up with the name of a gray and black precious metal for the new gray and black kitten. Although her real name is Molybdenum, we call her "Molly" or "Mo." Everyone who has seen Molly has taken to her right away.

Molly asleep in bed. Molly in her bed.

We encourage visitors to pet and hold little Molly because we hope she will grow up to be as fearless, inquisitive, and sociable as Pearl. Currently, she is a bit spoiled.

Molly wearing her flower collar.

When I brought Pearl home in 2009, she was five weeks old and had three years to grow up and learn the ropes of mascotting from Kit Kat, who was the Soapmaking Studio mascot until he passed in 2012. Also adopted at five weeks, for being as young as she is, Molly is holding her own as the Soapmaking Studio mascot and greeter. Without a trainer or roll model, Molly does such a good job; she is rather a super cat.

Super Molly!

When Molly was a kitten, she did get tired early in the day. She tended to play all morning and nap all afternoon.

Molly curled up, sound asleep.

Now that she is over a year old, she enjoys occasional, supervised trips out to the backyard.

Molly outside, near the lavender.

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Classes are held at a private home occupied by a pet cat. If you are allergic to cats, please contact prior to enrolling in a class.